Afghan Students in the UAE

I wants to be a Doctor, because he wants to heal the wounds of his countrymen, Says Asmat Ullah

Most of the students coming from Afghanistan are getting admissions in schools where Urdu syllabus is being taught. Indians schools are also very helpful accommodating the Afghan students, very less number of students catch the high Standard English medium schools in UAE.

UAE has better education facilities than Afghanistan. I talk to many Afghan students who intend to undertake in Pakistani schools says, there is hardly any introduced syllabus by the UAE and Afghanistan government in UAE schools. The other major problem of them is, coping with English language.

Problems in getting Admission in the schools

Unfortunately the literacy rate in Afghanistan is low due to unrest and uncertainty in the country. It has been a trend not to admit their kids in nursery until they are seven year old.  Admitting the kids late in schools is one of the reasons that people are not fully aware about education systems in abroad. When they settle in UAE or to other countries they face problems getting admission. If we talk particularly on UAE’s education system, obviously her education system is far advanced than Afghanistan’s. Here guardians are bound to make sure, their kids are enrolled in the school at the age of 3 year 6 months. In Afghanistan situation is different, there the government is not that much strict about education. There is no any strong campaign regarding the betterment of education.  So when an Afghani parent brings his/her kid for the admission in UAE, they face difficulties while getting admission in the school.

It is sad to say that lacks of English public schools in Afghanistan, students are poor in English, which results a negative impact on their future career. In UAE, all Schools are in English medium, so those students who did not study their schooling in English medium, undergo with serious problems understanding the syllabus material. The initial problem of Afghan students is that they can’t speak or write English or Arabic languages so during the entry tests; they get low marks which prevents them to get admissions in good and advanced schools.

The Favorite Subject of Afghan Students

At Intermediate levels, and the time of choosing career goals, It has been seen that, Afghan students prefer to choose science subjects. It can be termed; Afghanistan is going through an evolution towards revolution.

Unbeatable talent of Afghanistan

There is no doubt that Afghanistan’s students are intelligent, brilliant in mathematics and biology as well. Asmat Ullah says, he wants to be a Doctor, because he wants to heal the wounds of his countrymen. “I have seen my people dying of without medicines, and absence of Doctors at remote areas, from that day I decided to join medical.”

Best hobbies of Afghan students:

Soccer is one of famous games of Afghan students. Be it the home country or abroad Afghan students can seen everywhere playing football. Every common Afghan football player is familiar with the rules and regulation of the game.

Suggestions to the parents

  • Make sure your kid is admitted in the school in Afghanistan at early age (3 year 6 months at least). English is compulsory because without English, there are greater chances for your kid to come back home with a big rejection letter.
  • Make sure, In Afghanistan, your kid is born in the hospital and don’t forget to get birth certificate when you indent to admit him/her.
  • Create a study environment at home, encourage the students at home, show them examples and achievement of other students so they will be impressed and follow the trend getting involved in the studies.
  • If possible make them admitted in English Language Learning centers so they can improve their English.
  • Also make sure all the educational documents of your kid are attested and stamped by the ministry of education at provincial level and ministry if interior of UAE, in Kabul.

Afghan Government should do more

When I searched on the Google to see whether at which level the government of Afghanistan is contributing towards education, unfortunately I ended up with no any results. All queries were about the donations of UAE and other countries to Afghanistan. Afghan government couldn’t establish any Afghan school with its syllabus so far. We hope that newly elected president Mr Dr Ashraf Ghani would seriously think of the problems of Afghan students living in Gulf countries especially in UAE. Being the business hub globally, the majority of Afghan expats prefer to do business UAE, lack of Afghan syllabus is a matter of concern for the Afghan students.

By: Qurban


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