Bat and Ball replacing the Gun and Bomb

“the solution of all the problems is cricket”. Says Retired Afghan cricket coach

Unfortunately Afghanistan has been the battle ground for centuries. There is no any family who did not suffer from the war. The number of orphan children was increasing day by day when insurgency was at peak during the invasion Soviet Union1980’s and then America 2000. The doors for female students were almost shut down during the Taliban regime. Every child and inhabitant of Afghanistan has been passing throw the mental traumas, who is responsible for the unrest in the country this is a long last debate.

A young Afghan cricket fan eagerly waits for the final result of his favorite team.

Today the time has come to heal the wounds of the decades. Now Afghanistan stepped into cricket field. The former cricket coach says “the solution of all the problems is cricket”. Afghanistan is back to its cricket grounds. Stadiums can be seen crowded, children are whistling on the streets. Youths are shouting in front of TV screens when Afghan players hit the ball out of ground, similarly they are sad when their most favorite player goes back to pavilions. After three decades of continuous wars Afghans now have a cricket squad which represents their country on world’s level. Afghanistan cricket team had formed in 2001. The players are not from any elite class, they emerged from playing on mud pitches. Taj Malik points out to a pitch which he says was used by his team during 1997 before the invasion of NATO troops in Afghanistan. Mohammad Nabi describes that it was nearly impossible to continue playing cricket because his parents used to scold him, according to him, even people refused to marry their daughters with him. When Afghanistan announced the names of the players, everyone was on the horizon. The players were a bit nerves before to play a match in Jersey. It will be more interesting when Afghanistan has a match with Pakistan because Afghanistan and Pakistan have lots of fans from both countries. Two brothers have two different favorite players one from Pakistani team and other from Afghanistan’s team. On 10 February 2012 Afghanistan had a match with Pakistan. The fans of Afghan cricket team were welcoming their team on the gate. They were waving their country flags on the cars, aged cricket fans were wearing cloths made of Afghan flag color. Afghanistan music bytes were being played to encourage newly emerging cricket stars. Afghan team was playing this match under the captainship of Nouroz Mangal.

Afghan kids at Sharjah cricket stadium while a match with Af vs Pak.

BBC Urdu service reporter Abdul Shakoor says in his report that “for a while anybody could say that this match is being played in Kabul in Sharjah ground because everywhere the Afghanistan flag, badges and capes were being sold”. Afghan enthusiast scenes were to encourage their team. Pakistani team had a better experience as compared to Afghan team which resulted defeating the Afghan team.  It was said that though Afghan team lost the match against Pakistan but won the hearts and minds of audiences. After enormous practice and hard work, now Afghan team is in a better position. They have also a huge number of fans on Twitter and Facebook. They are now contact with their audiences. They had fulfilled their dream of representing the native soil. By: Qurban